in the middle



thumb_DSC_0878_1024photos by Carlyn Corbin
jacket: Gap | backpack: Matt & Nat | faux leather pants: H&M | shirt: Madewell | shoes: Nike | sunglasses: Ray Ban

I’m currently in-between my Winter and Spring/Summer capsule wardrobes. As I put something that is no longer in season away in storage, I pull something else out. I’ve also started shopping some of the items from my wish list. By the time I finish rolling out my Spring wardrobe, it will still contain only 48 items.

One item I was soooo excited to grab out of storage was my jean jacket. I know. I am such a 90s kid… but Y’ALL, it goes with everything. I’m not even sorry for the fact that I will be caught wearing it 2-3 days a week for next few months.

Also, can we call this outfit “The Cure For Yoga Pants: Part 2″? These H&M faux leather pants are a slightly more acceptable to wear in public than actual yoga pants because they’re thicker, they have a button and zipper, and they have visible seams. They are surprisingly warm and not all that breathable, though, so they will be going in storage while these black denims (only $25!) replace them for Spring.

How do you transition from Winter to Spring? A big shopping trip? Or a slow transition?




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