a beautiful story of letting go

Last weekend, my husband and I had a date night and joined our friends Nick and Samantha for dinner at Ember’s Steakhouse in Amarillo (if you haven’t gone, go! The food was great.) While we were there, I ran into Rene’ Brain. I have known Rene’ since before I could sing a musical scale. She is not only incredibly beautiful inside and out, but she has amazing style! We got to talking about her recent move, and she said something I just adored – “If I didn’t love it, it did not get to come with me”. Moving is the perfect time to purge! She totally embraced her new beginning, and I could tell she was so happy with her decision to not keep things she did not need and love. A couple of days later, Rene’ sent me this story-


“My Mother sewed a beautiful saddle blanket jacket for me several years ago…it was exquisite! Beautifully lined… Gorgeous! I wore it ad nauseum….with jeans, with dresses, (short of swimsuit)

When I moved, I realized I had not worn it for 6 or 7 years

I had lost some weight and it just didn’t make me feel fabulous anymore

My Mom is dead….very sentimental to have the jacket, but still doesn’t meet requirements…I love it, but it doesn’t make me feel pretty.

So I shoved it in a box for Downtown Women’s Center

2 months later I am sitting in Embers with the Ron and Donna who are there for a weekend visit…Jeff drops his jaw…I look over…this beautiful 5’8″ red haired 30 something has my jacket on and sits down to dinner.

I wait til she and her Mom go to the bathroom and wait in the hall to ask them…”where did you get that jacket?”

The lovely girl says,”I was at the thrift center downtown and I walk in and this jacket said “take me home with you!”

I explain the situation! What a blessing for both of us….they cried…I cried…God knows! God loved the meeting! God wanted me to be free!

Yay God! We don’t need excess!”

Doesn’t this just embody everything good about letting go? To Rene’, seeing the jacket again was God’s way of saying, “See, you didn’t need to hold on to that.” Things can be sentimental, but they are still just things. If you aren’t using them, then you can “set them free”, so to speak, to be loved by someone else. Imagine how amazing Rene’ felt seeing someone else love her jacket. You never know who will be helped by your donation or who will find joy in an item you no longer treasure. It inspires me to continue on my journey. I hope it does the same for you! Thank you for sharing, Rene’.



  1. Carlyn · January 22, 2016

    Really beautiful!! What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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