the shoe crew: winter 2016 capsule

I’m just going to go ahead and say it now. I have a bootie-shaped hole in my wardrobe. Not a BOOTY, a bootie. As in the cutest fall/winter short-heeled boot there ever was. I actually ordered a pair from what I now consider a sketchy online boutique, and they never came in. I’m pretty sure I now have $73 “store credit” to this boutique if anyone is interested in taking that off my hands…

What was I saying? Oh! This isn’t my most perfect, dreamy shoe line-up.

“But, Katie! You can only wear and own what you really love”.

True. But there are budgets, and contentment is a major theme in this experiment. It is not about buying everything you want — it is about no longer wanting to buy everything. See the difference?


So, this season I bought one pair of shoes. I had two given to me as gifts. The rest are shoes I already owned. Each pair has its purpose, for the most part.

the current lineup

Uggs: I can say with some assurance I will not be wearing these out of the house, so I probably could have left them out (I don’t include loungewear in my “48”). They feel so much like house shoes, but they definitely get a lot of wear this time of year — and even though they aren’t the most attractive, they are a must if your husband leaves your home thermostat on the 60s during winter 😉

Over-the-knee boot: Great with skinny jeans, a skirt, or over my favorite faux leather leggings. Edgy and cool, but not so out there that you couldn’t wear them in an “every day” sort of way. These count as one of two pairs of dressier shoes in my capsule wardrobe. Bought these last year. Similar for under $100 here and here.

Hunters: Although these look like ordinary rainboots, these popular duds are basically all-weather. Somewhat funnily, Uggs are the worst winter boots of all time. They can’t really even get wet. Enter Hunters. They are warm and perfect for stompin’ in the snow and slush. A duck boot would also be a great buy for dealing with wintry weather. These were a Christmas gift.

Black Flats: A quality pair of black flats are something I wish I would have invested in sooner. I replaced pair after pair from their soles wearing quickly and the shoes not being worth the money to repair. Approximately six pairs later, I caved and got these. Best flat decision of my life (until I one day own these – not really but a girl can dream). This is my second pair of “dressy” shoes in my capsule.

Black Tennis-shoes: This is my answer for non-grungy “athleisure”. ‘Nuff said. These were also a Christmas gift.

Converse: Easier to work into an outfit than the tennis shoes, Converse are versatile,  easy to clean in the washing machine, and so, so comfortable. They will be in my wardrobe year-round, guaranteed.

Keds: Slip on, neutral in color, these are the “winter sandal” for those warmer winter days (no socks required). The felt material is still wintery-ish, so they are light without appearing out of season. This was the one pair of shoes I bought for this capsule wardrobe. Found here.

There you have it. These are the only shoes to my name this winter (besides, those missing booties I allegedly “own”).

modification for the office

As you can tell, I have a very casual wardrobe. I work from home, so my need for professional and dressy attire might be less than the average person. If I had to make a capsule wardrobe work for home and the office, I would:

  • lose either the Converse or Keds
  • and ditch the Uggs
  • in their place: have a simple black suede pump (such as these) and pair of heeled or wedge booties (like these)

p.s. – helpful tip

If you have some shoes in your closet that you don’t really love to wear, I encourage you to start there and PURGE! Shoes are a great item to sell at a resale or consignment shop. From my experience, you get the most money for shoes. No lie, a consignment store bought a pair of dog-ugly, paint-splattered Asics from me last week that I was going to ask them to donate for me.




  1. Morgan · January 12, 2016

    Found you on Instagram after searching for capsule wardrobes. Just started mine last week. I like what you said ‘it’s about no longer wanting to buy everything’. It isn’t that I had a lot of clothing but that I wanted everything I saw. I was not content with what I had.

    I have my winter clothing pieces down to 33 items. I haven’t tried to narrow down shoes but I only have about 10 anyway-my faves are cognac riding boots. Scarves are my weakness-I probably have 12 left after purging many.

    I am merryheart523 on Instagram by the way! Can’t wait to see more posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • kateplus48 · January 12, 2016

      Morgan, I love your comment! Thanks for reading. I would love to follow along on your journey. It is so inspirational to see how others live well with less. Best of luck and hope to stay in touch! -Katie


  2. Kimberly Marshall · January 13, 2016

    Love reading your blog. I have been interested in minimizing my attire, because Lord knows I only wear a few items. I hope that I can clean out my closet soon! I also need to get my sister involved. She’s pretty hard headed though.. She has 3, yes I said 3, FULL closets of clothes that most still have tags on! Maybe if I start this purge she will decide to follow.


    Liked by 1 person

    • kateplus48 · January 13, 2016

      Wow! It can seem overwhelming to get started when you have so much to go through, but it is so worth it. The amazing thing is that when you get rid of that many things you don’t need, you really start to think before you buy! I bought some great things recently and spent more on each of them than I normally would, but I only bought what I really, really like. I’m not going to shop again for the next few months, so I’ll end up saving way more money in the grand scheme. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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