the red flannel

It’s Sunday! Do you consider Sunday to be the beginning of the week or the end of it? My former boss insisted all of his calendars showed Monday as the first day of the week, not Sunday. I guess we call Sunday part of the “week-end”, so that makes some sense. I think I’ve always treated Sunday morning like the weekend and Sunday evening like the beginning of week. It makes me feel like I’ve got a head start on Monday. Ha, Monday – take that!

So here’s my head start on the week, taking a look at my favorite outfit from last week.


Red is definitely not my color. No, I’m not being modest. I actually know very few people who look great in red. Like, three people come to mind. Basically, you have to look like Snow White with porcelain skin and ebony hair.  It is a very powerful color that can draw a lot of attention. However, as long as it’s not too in-your-face-red, like a solid red dress or a red coat, I feel like most everyone can pull off a touch of red.

And what better way to incorporate red into your winter wardrobe than with a flannel? Ah, the flannel. Everyone’s favorite cozy button up. The thicker, the better, in my opinion. This flannel from Madewell is so thick and super warm, you just need to pair it with a light jacket on a 40s/50s day – which are common during Texas winters.

DSCF2546 2

I’ve chosen a very casual “every day” look here – flannel, light jacket, jeans and some Converse. You could also easily dress up a more fitted flannel by pairing it with some dark jeans or black skinnies, heels, and a cool black motto jacket. I think at least one flannel in your winter wardrobe will go a long way. And red flannel is pretty much an All-American staple. Buy one of good quality and you will get a lot of use out of it. Maybe even as a piece in your Brawny man Halloween costume. See? Endless possibilities.


Shop this look:

Shirt: Madewell

Shoes: Converse

Jeans: old Paige Denim (Skyline); similar here

Jacket: old Blu Pepper; similar here





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