cure for yoga pants

Activewear. “Athleisure”. Whatever you want to call it — sometime during the last decade, it took our world by storm and suddenly made it socially acceptable to wear gym clothes to do just about anything else besides working out. It’s these kinds of trends that I wonder if I will see on a VH1 episode of “I Love the 2000s: 2010-2019” one day. But please believe, this gal right here loves her some gym clothes. Gym optional. (There is a 24 K gold video at the end of this post – because we all need to laugh at ourselves occasionally).


Let me take a step back here. One of my goals is to share with others how to listen to yourself and find your unique style, not just try to pull off current trends. In order to do this in the most authentic way, I had to be very honest with myself when deciding what should go in my 48-piece wardrobe.

For example: boyfriend jeans. Somewhat ironically, boyfriend jeans usually do not look good on women who are shaped like teenage boys (that would be me). I’ve owned a pair before, and it wasn’t pretty. I certainly would not want to share photos of myself wearing boyfriend jeans and talking about how you style them when they are not an article of clothing that I enjoy wearing. If I’m going to do this whole capsule wardrobe thing successfully and also enjoy the journey, I am going to have to listen to myself and dress the way I know I like to dress, regardless of what is “in”. Personal style is far more interesting than bandwagon trends, anyway. And don’t you want to be excited to get dressed every day?! Not feel like it is a chore.

I knew when I was creating my capsule wardrobe I would need to find a way to incorporate “activewear”. Trendy or not, I dig it. After all, last year as a new-again Mom, I lived in stretchy leggings and t-shirts. I love me some yoga pants. If there was a clinical diagnosis for yoga pant addiction, I would have it. I would be medicated.

So, to keep myself honest (I knew I would be reaching for tennis shoes several days a week, no matter what my other options were) I added some items to my wardrobe that are comfortable, practical, and let me feel relaxed without looking like a yoga instructor on pajama day.

DSCF2473 2

For Christmas, I asked my husband for a new pair of tennis shoes. I joke that they are my “shopping shoes” because I don’t ever plan on working out in them. Having a clean pair of tennis shoes does make a semi-atheltic outfit look more polished. Great investment.

I’m also wearing another Christmas gift – the vest! It is so warm. I do plan on also using this when I go running outside on cooler mornings, but since it’s not “strictly workout”, I counted in my 48. I like a vest because it keeps an outfit more interesting than just a plain long sleeve shirt, but it’s not too hot, so it’s a great versatile layer to have on hand.

So there you have it. You can have your athletic clothes and wear them (in public), too 😉

Is there a certain type of clothing you love, but you don’t think it fits into every day life? I say go for it! Find a way to work it into your wardrobe. Life is too short to not love how you look every day!

What kind of clothes could you not live without in your wardrobe?


Shop this look:

Vest: Under Armour

Shoes: Nike

Purse: Michael Kors

Shirt: old Banana Republic; similar here

Jeans: old Paige Denim; similar here

Scarf: old from World Market; similar here

And now, the gold I promised. I cry.



  1. Megan · January 7, 2016

    I couldn’t live without scarves. They keep me warm and sometimes cover up what low cut shirts leave revealed. If it’s a soft scarf it may also serve as a barrier between my skin and my rough wool coat.

    Love the shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

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