keeping it real, really

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this whole blog/writing/posting/Instagramming thing and some serious heart-searching on the matter. I have asked myself three questions several times.

  1. What is the purpose?
  2. Why do it?
  3. What message do I really hope to share?

Let’s be honest. This whole things started like, a week ago. I really am not sure what the purpose of kate+48 is. I know that I hope the purpose is to have a discussion on intentional living and contentment. The object is to spread ideas about living on a little less, being a good steward of our money, and self-expression (Do I sound corny yet? Because I am a corny person. So brace yourself for a lot more of that if you plan on sticking around).

Like it or not, some of our identity comes from how we present ourselves. You may not identify yourself that way, per se, but others will. I have had periods of my life (currently) where I blatantly disregarded my appearance. I would tell myself that “caring about looks is shallow” and that I didn’t have time to worry about that. To be fair to myself, I believe there is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) and the past year and a half or so have been chock-full of more important things than the clothes that are currently hanging in my closet gathering dust. Still, I now feel a tug at my heart to put more effort into how I look every day. I’m not saying a lot of effort, just more than I do now (which is currently zero, by the way, so surely I cannot fail here, right?) I talked more about why this is one of my areas of focus for 2016 in my first post, so check that out! (hint, it basically makes me a more human, human).

So that brings me to the “why”? There are actually a lot of whys, but the main one was, “Why focus on what I’m wearing/what is in my closet? Isn’t that a little worldy? Aren’t there a lot of other/better ways to spread good vibes than by talking about clothes?” I think the first answer off-hand would be “Yes.” However, without passing judgment, I’d say there is a lot of noise in the “fashion blogging” world. I may add to the noise, especially if my heart is in the wrong place; but, my hope is that I can be a light in some way. I will have to constantly be in prayer about that one. Secondly, fashion is an area I’m frustrated with right now, and I think a lot of other women can relate. My money doesn’t seem to get me anything of quality, I have feelings of guilt from being wasteful and buying things I don’t wear, and I just plain feel awkward sometimes trying to pull off new looks, which can be really defeating. I think it would be fun to journey with other women and figure some of these things out, together. Rest assured, I am possibly the least qualified person on the planet to write a fashion blog. I don’t even want to call it that. I’m coming up with a different category…

The message is simply this: Take heart. You are beautiful. You do not need expensive clothes to feel pretty. You do not need to hide under frumpy sweaters because you feel insecure. You do not need to put yourself in debt to look put-together. I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know that those things are true.

This will be a genuine effort and process. Sure, I will try to make my pictures pretty to keep your eyes from burning when you look at them. I’ll admit that I am currently craving an artistic outlet in my life. I love to write, like l-o-v-e it. And styling pictures can be really fun even though I have no experience in what I’m doing and some people will laugh at it. Still though, I promise to keep it as real as possible. I will only post true words and real things. Of clothes I actually wear (that’s a promise to myself — no more yoga pants 6 days a week), budgets I actually stick to, and words I really mean.

Won’t you join me?



  1. moreofmoreblog · January 6, 2016

    What an awesome post!


  2. kinleybclark · January 11, 2016

    As I was searching through mountains of clothes this morning, frantically searching for a blouse, I immediately thought “hey, I need to go read Katie’s blog and see what it’s all about”! Here I am, cleaning out my closets and I’m already feeling better! Yay for no more future clutter and actually being able to find outfits without throwing 40 other shirts around in the process!


    • kateplus48 · January 11, 2016

      That is so awesome Kinley! It does feel tons better to get over that mountain! It is addicting even 🙂


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